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The King’s Castle - Episode 12

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Our Hearts As Christ’s Home — Keeping a clean and tidy home is very important, but there is another house that everyone has—which needs just as much care and attention. In their own humorous and light-hearted way, Cherub and Chubby help children to understand that keeping their hearts clean and pure is just as important as caring for their surroundings. Children will learn that God is more important than material things or money.


• “Outside and Inside” – a humorous, meaningful poem

• “If Jesus Came to Your House” – a lively, visualized song

• “Here I Am” – a Scripture song

• “In the House of God” – the story of the moneychangers

• “Alphonso” – a comical object lesson

• “The King of Heartland” – a royal music video

~25 min running time

You will get a MP4 (229MB) file