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Out of Bounds - Episode 9

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This program teaches children about obedience and shows them the blessing of doing what is right. Just think of what it would be like to do just as you please. No rules, no limits, no restrictions! Pure fun! — Or would it be? In “Out of Bounds” Cherub and Chubby learn that doing just what you want may end up being just the opposite of what you expected! From cloud-boarding thrills to the mad-house craziness of a no-rules day, this Cherub Wings adventure brings great delight while highlighting the benefits of healthy guidelines.


• “It's Best to Obey!”: A catchy tune and reminder

• “If You Know These Things”: a Cherub song with a promise!

• “Two Men, Two Houses and a Big Storm!”: an illustrated Bible story

• “Troy, Roy and the Real McCoy!”: a comical object lesson

• “Crazy!”: a visualized topsy-turvy song

~25 min running time

You will get a MP4 (207MB) file